A few facts about potty training girls

Monday, April 21, 2014

Girls usually potty train sooner

Lucky for you, girls tend to potty train sooner than boys but if your little girl isn’t showing signs of readiness don’t feel pressured into rushing her. She’ll only grasp it when she’s ready but if you start too early, you’ll both have had a more traumatic time getting there.

Girls go to the toilet in pairs

Don’t drag your daughter to the loo with you every time but if the opportunity arises, let her see you having a wee or poo. It can be a bit awkward having your every move scrutinized but it really is the best way to help her get geared up for potty training. Little girls copy their mums in every aspect so give her a running commentary as you go through the er, motions. Be prepared for lots of questions including those about why Daddy stands up to wee.

Play mummies and daddies

If your little girl loves domestic role-play this is good news for potty training. Get her dolls or teddies and set up a little bathroom scene in her play area including a pretty new potty. Read stories to your daughter and her toys about potty training and then help her pretend to train her dolls on the potty. Let her decorate the potty with stickers or writing her name on it. When she is feeling more confident she may try sitting on it herself.

Choose the right outfit

You might think dresses and skirts would be the most convenient way to dress potty training girls but in fact they can be difficult to handle; you have to gather them up and hold them out the way. Skirts can dip in the potty at the back, causing a lot of confusion for a toddler who went to the potty right but still got wet. Avoid dungarees, tights and leggings which can be difficult to pull down. Loose trousers or shorts are best..

Wipe right to avoid urinary tract infection

One of the most important things to teach little girls is how to wipe properly after a poo. She needs to move the paper from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria from her bowel to her vagina or urethra. If she’s not ready to understand this yet, make sure you wipe for her when she’s done a bowel movement. Watch out for key symptoms of bladder infection: fever, the need to pee frequently, pain or bleeding when weeing or an increase in wetting accidents.

A mum’s view

Naomi, mum of Bryony (30 months), Felix (5) and George (7) says: “With two big brothers in the house the toilet seat is usually always up when Bryony goes to sit on it. I had to teach her to check that the seat is in the "down" position before she gets on. It was quite traumatic for her when she was first learning to find that she was sometimes falling in the loo.“

The expert view

In Toddler Taming, Dr Christopher Green says “When people think of children spraying urine during potty training, they think of boys but girls often have this problem too. It is usually because she is sitting on the potty with her pelvis tilted forward. Teach girls to sit up straight with their bottoms tucked underneath them and their knees together. Girls are also at the disadvantage of not being able to "see" when they’re weeing like boys can. Place a sheet of toilet paper at the bottom of the potty. If it is wet, it will be easier for girls to tell that they have gone.”

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