6 potty training equipment you need

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Potty training your toddler is a big challenge! A great way to get started is to make sure you have all the right equipment on hand. Check out my demo potty training video of all the items you need to begin potty training and make the whole thing a bit easier. And see all my favorite essentials below.

My essential items for potty training :
  • Potty chair (BABYBJORN Potty Chair): This one is on the pricier side, but I had the best luck with it. I now have a few and my younger kids sit on them during bath-time!

  • Toilet seat adapter (BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer) – I like the shape of this Bjorn adapter and my kids found it comfortable from age 3 to 8 years old.

  • Toilet step stool (BABYBJORN Safe Step) — you can use any wood stool, or get this sturdy waterproof one for your bathroom.

  • Pull-Ups (Pampers Easy Ups Trainers for Girls) — These are my 3-year-old girl’s favorite Dora pull-ups! My boys loved Diego and Cars!

  • Potty books: “Big Girls Use the Potty!“ and “Big Boys Use the Potty!” are my favorites.

  • Big kid underwear! I love these Gerber 4-pack in girl and boy patterns). I like the quality of the cotton and they last! You can find snazzier patters, but these will last — trust me.

What are you favorite items when it comes to potty training? Comment below and share your potty training stories and tips with other moms!

Potty training age 2 years girls

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The good news, if you’re starting to potty train your daughter, is that girls tend to master the art of using the potty a lot sooner than boys. By this stage, your daughter should be showing signs of readiness for potty training (if she hasn’t already started.)

For the most part, potty training two year old girls is simple. Buy a potty, and whenever possible, ask her whether she wants to use it. It can be hit and miss, and she might not be interested at first, but with time, you should find that she’s willing to use the potty at least most of the time.

The only real difference between potty training girls and boys at this age is that you need to teach your daughter to wipe from front to back – especially after she has had a bowel movement. This helps to prevent bladder and other infections, and is an important point to remember.

Teaching your daughter to pat the vaginal area, rather than wiping, maybe be simpler at first. If you suspect that your daughter may have already got a bladder infection, look out for the common signs: a frequent need to urinate, burning when urinating, and even abdominal pain. If she has these symptoms, you will need to speak to your doctor.

You may also notice that your daughter wants to try peeing standing up. She may have seen a boy at school doing this, or even her father. It’s best to let her try – she’ll soon realise that girls just aren’t mechanically equipped for that sort of thing!

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