Potty Training Girls Are Really Easier ?

Friday, September 20, 2013

potty training girls
Many of us decide whether we want a little girl or a little boy very early on. Maybe you want to have a baby boy so that he’ll someday grow into your strong, caring son, or maybe you want a little girl so that you can fill her closets with adorable dresses and bright clothes. We all know that we’ll love our baby no matter what, but having a gender preference is natural. In fact, many people also agree that girls are much easier to potty train than boys, which is another reason they might be preferred by the nervous, first-time parent. Believe it or not, there is actually no research that supports this claim.

Studies show that the ability for a child to learn how to use the toilet has nothing to do with his or her gender. Instead, the ability is based on their general level of incontinence and ability to learn overall. People probably assume girls are easier to teach because they don’t have to add the step of standing up to the process, so the training is over sooner.

It’s also important to note that the signs that a girl is ready to learn how to use the potty are the same as those for a boy. You should only start potty training your toddler when he or she is able to “hold it” for a few hours at a time. This ability shows that there is some control. Additionally, your child should be able to understand and follow instructions and have the mobility to get off and on the toilet independently. When all of these things align, it’s time to teach your child the proper way to use the bathroom depending on his or her gender, and the process for boys and girls is actually very similar.

If you think it might be time to potty train your child, get ready for a difficult but rewarding process. Some children learn faster than others, so don’t give in to the pressure to be discouraged by the parents of your child’s peers. Even if it seems like your boy or girl will never learn, there will eventually be a breakthrough day when you feel confident that potty independence is just around the corner. Once your child can use the restroom independently, you’ll be forced with one of many signs to come that your baby is growing up. To really get the right start potty training you can try several accurate techniques based expert toilet training children for 3 days or less, the toilet training really guarantee success in practice and material. you really will find smart ideas in dealing with your child in potty training for 3 days or less. Do not ever be afraid to start, this is one quick way that you can take to resolve your child's toilet training solution. This quick and easy for 3 days or less.

Simple 5 Tips Potty Training Girls

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

potty training girls
Potty training girls to be one of the tricky things that make you stressed, some parents had to give up on the attitude of the girl child or a boy.

The possibility of successful toilet training children quickly in 3 days or less you can learn with toilet training experts carol cline. in his toilet training children for 3 days or less.

Potty training is always a messy job. Accidents happen, meltdowns occur, and it can be a frustrating and trying time for both parents and kids.

But there is a light at the end of tunnel, mamas, trust me.

I’ve searched relentlessly for tips and tricks on potty training when I was going through it with my son and these are the ones that not only worked for us, but that other parents from around the web have used and been successful with.

Bribery Works,,If It’s Done Right

Here’s the trick with bribery, mamas.

First, it has to be something that your kids like – not what you like. For instance, if your child’s favorite candy is m&ms, then that’s the bribe. You may prefer them to be bribed with carrot sticks, but those are boring to our little ones. So make the bribe something they can’t resist.

Second, the bribe candy has to be where they can see it, hear it, and know that, without a doubt, they’re going to receive it if they do their business in the potty.

Some moms have kept the candy in a clear jar that they keep right next to the potty, others have placed the candy in a piggy bank and let the kids shake it, some moms have even given out the bribe when their child did a good job realizing they had to go.

Because, remember, understanding the feeling of having to go is just as important as getting the action of going itself down pat.

And lastly, don’t be stingy with the bribe candy. Hand it out freely once your child has done the deed correctly. Once my son got his urges, actions, and hand washing all down I saw nothing wrong with giving him a full candy bar that he got to eat at various times throughout the day.

Rewards work wonders if they’re given at the right time.

Stretching The Truth Goes A Long Way

It’s not that we’re telling you to lie to your children, but taking the truth and stretching it as far as you can may just come in handy.

For example, think of an elaborate story to tell your children as to where their toilet happenings go.

It could be food for the fish, a magical land where it helps nourish the fairies, maybe it even travels all the way to Hogwarts to help Harry defeat Voldemort.

Whatever it is that your kids revel in (trucks, trains, Barbies, etc), use your imagination and theirs to help get their potty trips to that faraway land to save the day.

Consistency Is Key

When you’re first starting out with the potty training, sticking to time intervals is the way to go.

Pick a time frame, say, every twenty minutes, and stick your little one on the potty even they say they don’t have to go. At least tell them to try.

Once they understand that the potty is where their business goes, you can very gradually increase the time frame for when you place them on again.

Don’t Forget About Dad

Sometimes, dads can work their magic to get your little ones to do things that mom can’t.

Use this power of dad to your advantage — and this will be especially helpful if you’re training a boy since dad has what he has.

This was the case in my house during our potty training venture. I could tell and ask my son to use the bathroom until I wanted to pull my hair out, when his father told him to try and go, he went in effortlessly.

Maybe he wanted to be a big boy for dad, maybe he wanted to show off to dad that he could do it, or maybe he simply felt a tad more comfortable seeing how the boys did it rather than the girls.

Regardless of what the reason, and I didn’t care what it was so long as we moved along in this potty training thing, my son went much more easily on the potty when his father wanted him to do it.

The Naked Truth

Sometimes, you just have to strip the kids and let them be naked to feel how being soiled really feels.

I know many families who have had success potty training this way.

Of course, this works better if you can do most of the ‘training’ outside, but if you can’t then there’s always the option of covering your furniture in plastic for the weekend while the kids are getting the hang of having to go.

Feeling bowel movements actually trickle down your leg isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone, be it adult or child. And your kids will catch on to this rather quickly and actually prefer to do their business in the potty for obvious reasons.

I have read parents’ accounts of having finished training their kids in one weekend by letting them run around naked for the two days and I’ve heard from the other side of the spectrum where the naked thing just didn’t work in their house.

And that’s okay, what works for one won’t necessarily work for others.
  • Always remember that potty training takes time, regardless if you’re dealing with a boy or a girl. Our kids have to understand the need to go as well as the action of going.

  • It will all come in time and soon diapers will be a thing of the past for your family. Remember that we’ve all been through it and you’re not alone. The potty training will happen and your child will get the hang of it, just hang in there.

8 Strong Tips Potty Training Girls

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

how to potty train a girl
One minute your toddler is running around in diapers and the next it’s time to think about training them to go to the bathroom on a potty. For me, potty training was defiantly a “wow, they grow up so fast moment” where one minute I was nervous about my two year-old leaving the house in diapers to her at 2.5 trained and wearing underwear (with a change of clothes) on trips outside of our immediate neighborhood. There were accidents along the way, refusal to try and even some regression, but overall the experience was incredible as she transitioned to this big kid phase. Here is potty training girls tips what worked for us.

Note: Although these tips apply to my experience with my daughter, you can also use them for boys.
  • Encourage your child to talk about toilet training : I defiantly started this process way before my daughter was ready to physically go to the potty. I started by talking about the process and showing her. As a toddler, this didn’t always resonate, so sometimes watching was a way for her to get familiar with the process.

  • Resources potty training for your girls : Part of the talk involved reading potty training stories like Potty Book for Girls by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. Our whole family knew who little Hannah was and as my daughter got older she also started to get excited about her own present (potty) that Hannah also received. I also liked Potty by Lesile Patricelli that follows the hilarious inner dialogue of a baby through potty training and Everyone Poops, the classic story by Taro Gomi that cleverly celebrates the process of going to the bathroom. As part of the reading, we also talked about how she would (one day) use the potty and how exciting it would be. This meant days and days of this talk but getting her used to the concept of the bathroom was extremely helpful as seen through the eyes of a character in one of her favorite books.

  • The new throne : The next move was to get a potty. It doesn’t matter what brand you choose, but I opted for a pinkish, girly one that I knew would appeal to her. It spend a lot of time in our bathroom before anything happened but it was important for her to see it and know that one day she would be using it. I also let her “personalize” it and anytime she did pee or poop on it she would add a sticker.

  • Trial and Error : Now that you have the potty, it’s time to start using it. In the beginning, this basically involved me placing her on the potty and hoping for the best. As she got older, we practiced peeing in the potty by keeping her out of diapers and then placing her on the potty. This was a lot of trail and error (not to mention a mess), but eventually she connected that when she had to pee she should go to her pink, sticker-filled throne.

  • Cool Undies : Although my daughter was psyched about potty training she wasn’t always successful. During that time she was also princess obsessed (still is actually) I enticed her to go more with super cool princess undies. She loved them and actually got excited about the potty. We had some of our most successful ventures out thanks to her big girl underwear.

  • Rewards : This is going to me something different for every kid but what worked for me was to create a sticker wall where every time that she peed or pooped in the potty she would get a sticker. When the entire blank sheet of paper was filled up we promised her ‘something special.’ This really helped her to get excited about her bathroom accomplishments as a new sparkly sticker made it’s way on her poster board.

  • Watch and learn : A major part of her potty training success was because she was able to see other toddler do the same thing. In her school, her teacher enforced a potty time where they all went which carried over into the home. If your toddler isn’t in a school, having them watch (and even better with other toddlers) is a great way for them to connect the act of going to the bathroom and try it themselves.

  • See ya later diapers : When she was about 2.5 years old we said goodbye to diapers. It didn’t happen overnight but it was a gradual process as she was able to pee and poop in her potty. I also personally felt that if diapers were around she would always have the clutch and might regress. For some people this might mean pull-ups and then diapers for other it might be right to underwear. Bottom line: you have to do what is right for your family and that doesn’t always fit into what your friends are doing or what family members are telling you to do.
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