10 Tips To Make Potty Training A Success

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

potty training tips
Reaching the decision to begin potty training is the easy part. The tougher one is tackling it successfully so the end result pleases both parent and child. To make the potty training process a smooth success, the experts of the PULL-UPS® Potty Training Partners (PTPs) offer their tried-and-true tips to parents.

1. Be Prepared To Begin

Be prepared to begin the process. Potty training takes time and energy. The spring/summer season is often prepared as the warmer weather means less clothes, more vacations and longer days making more time for tots to master potty training. Any season can work though, just be prepared to work with "more" vs. "less."

2. Tailor Your Approach To Find What Works

Tailor your approach for potty training success. Different products offer ways to help make the transition easier. Parents can find a Potty Training Personality Profile at that can suggest a training pant that matches their child’s learning style. Look for products that have wetness liners or other ways to help kids learn.

3. Introduce The Potty Chair Early

Introduce the potty chair at the beginning of the process when your child is showing signs of readiness—stays dry for two hours, interested in the bathroom, etc. Demonstrate how it works and instill a sense of potty ownership in him or her by wrapping it as a present or decorating it with stickers.

4. Get Your Child Comfortable With The Idea of Potty Training

Get your child comfortable with the idea of potty training, and introduce the potty training supplies you'll be using before getting started. Practice putting on training pants, washing his or her hands at the bathroom sink and sitting on the potty chair before he or she starts using it.

5. Remain Positive and Patient

Always remain positive and patient – potty training takes time and setbacks will occur. But remember that children thrive on positive reinforcement. Praise and rewards can help tots feel more comfortable with new skills and keep them motivated during each potty training stage.

6. Be Consisent

Be consistent – once tots are out of diapers – they stay out of them. It’s proven that toddlers train faster if they don’t switch back and forth between diapers and training pants.

7. Use Interactive Approaches

To sustain a child’s interest, use interactive approaches, such as games, videos, songs, books, progress charts and role modeling.

8. Use Teamwork

Use teamwork – make sure everyone in the child's life, from grandparents to daycare providers to siblings, is on board with a consistent potty training philosophy, encouraging your little one throughout the process.

9. Pack Familiar Potty Training Supplies When On The Go

When traveling, pack familiar potty training supplies like a child-size adapter seat and even a favorite book so he or she is as comfortable as possible using the potty in an unfamiliar setting.

10. Use Motivational Rewards

Use motivational rewards for your child, such as listening to a fun, potty training song on the PULL-UPS® Potty Training Totline at 1-877-4BIG-KID or downloading a special crown or badge at for a quick and easy reward that says “I am so proud of you!” Other ideas include stickers or stamps, a token present such as bubbles, or a surprise from a "grab bag" pre-filled with inexpensive kid items.

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