Best potty seats are a quicker transition to an adult toilet

Friday, April 25, 2014

potty seat Prince Lionheart
Using an adult toilet can be intimidating for a small child, but reviewers say the Prince Lionheart Weepod Toilet Trainer, Berry Blue Or Prince Lionheart weePOD Basix, Berry Blue helps make the transition as painless as possible. The WeePOD's claim to fame is a soft, cushy, anti-bacterial plastic seat that helps keep kids comfortable.

Potty seat Prince Lionheart
Parents also say the seat, available in several colors, is easy to clean and simple to adjust to fit most toilets. However, some reviewers say the splashguard is too low to keep boys' messes contained, and others say the seat can discolor after extended use.

A close second is the BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer - White/Black (*Est. $26). The seat also adjusts to fit most toilets, and parents say the hard plastic is easy to keep clean. A rubber ring helps keep the seat stable -- no scary wobbling for little ones -- and an integrated handle means it's easy to carry or hang when not in use. However, as with the WeePOD, some parents say the splashguard can be inadequate for boys. Also, a handful of reviewers report that their boys suffered cuts that required stitches after getting caught on the seat when they tried to slide off too quickly.

Arm & Hammer Secure Comfort Potty Seat, Colors May Vary (*Est. $10) functions the same way as pricier potty seats, many reviewers say. The seat is easy to clean and has a higher splashguard for boys, parents report. It also has handles that kids can grip when they're using the seat to help feel more secure.

But the seat does not adjust to fit all toilets, and several reviewers say it wouldn't work for them. Others say that the seat wobbles even if it fits, and some say an anti-odor baking-soda disc that attaches to the seat does little to combat smells.

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