How To Potty Train A Girl Fast

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How To Potty Train A Girl
If you have both a girl and boy child, you might have already realized that potty training can differ a little between the two. If you are training your daughter right now, consider yourself lucky. Girls tend to pick up potty training habits quicker than boys. However, what doesn't change between the two is the amount of patience and positive attitude you'll have to exert.

Remember this about How to Potty Train a Girl

Just because girls tend to potty train faster than boys, doesn't mean you should start them earlier. If you start potty training any child before they're ready the process will just be longer and more drawn-out. Once you have determined that your daughter is ready to tackle potty training, use the tips below to start her off:

  • Watch and learn. Toddlers learn by intimation, therefore if your daughter has seen their brother or father use the restroom standing up, they're likely to try. Explain to her how "mommies" and daughters have to sit down to use the toilet. Our expert potty training video can give you great parenting tips on the process. Lois Kleint's famous toilet training experts can help you understand your child's attitude. he learned the method is that it can help you more quickly in 3 days or less. Potty Train in Three Days .

  • Personalize it. To make sure your daughter is comfortable, personalize her space. Bring in her favorite books and stuffed animals to the bathroom. You can also personalize her potty chair by decorating it with stickers or writing her name on it. Use her favorite stuffed animals to show her how to use the toilet. Using a printable potty chart is also a great way to make it a fun process.

  • Potty placement. Place your daughter's potty in an accessible area, which is close to where she plays and spends most of her time. You can watch for signs that she has to use the bathroom, like holding her private parts, jumping up and down and swaying side to side. When you notice these signs encourage her to go into the bathroom with you.

  • Correct methods. You'll need to teach your daughter the correct methods for wiping herself, which is front to back. If she wipes otherwise you need to explain to her why that's incorrect and how it could cause infections. If this proves too complicated, teach her to gently "pat" the area with toilet paper after urinating.

  • Reward system. You can encourage your child to stay on the right potty training track by providing her with occasional rewards. Every time she has a successful potty day let her place stickers on the potty chart. You can also go on a shopping trip for her favorite princess "big kid" underwear.

Support Her Potty Training Efforts

Even if she experiences setbacks or doesn't seem to be getting the hang of things, continue to support her. Start dressing her in loose clothes so she can get them off easier when she has to go to the bathroom or make a log of her usual bathroom breaks. Keeping yourself aware of when she has to use the toilet will help her to remember. Just don't overdo it, pushing her too hard will only result in more diaper days.

Support training toilet chair

Potty Training Chair
Fisher-Price Cheer for Me Potty

Potty Training Chair description : With realistic details and encouraging sounds, the Fisher-Price Cheer for Me! Potty helps you potty train your child in a fun, stress-free way. A bath tissue holder and flush handle look like miniature versions of the real thing, while cheerful phrases and engaging songs help make it fun and rewarding each time.

For added convenience, the removable bowl's smooth surface wipes down easily for mess-free cleanup. The potty ring can eventually be used on an adult toilet, providing a smooth transition.

Realistic Details and Fun Sounds Make Toilet Training Easy

Your child will appreciate the realistic shape of the toilet, the flush handle that clicks when pressed, and the retractable bath tissue holder. The potty rewards each success with five encouraging phrases and two sing-along training songs. Featuring a bright, smiling face, the Cheer For Me! Potty creates a fun, stress-free environment for your child to potty train.

Smooth, Nook-Free Bowl Surface for Easy Cleanup

potty training girls chair
This potty features a real-working
bath tissue holder and a flush handle
that clicks when pressed. View larger image.
For easy, mess-free cleanup, the potty seat's bowl is removable. Its surface is smooth without any nooks to reduce chance of buildup. The potty includes a lid-down feature and a splash guard shield for splash protection for boys.

Use on Adult Toilet to Aid Transition

When it's time to graduate to an adult toilet, the potty ring can be placed directly on a regular, unpadded adult-sized toilet. Your toddler will feel more secure on the real thing with the aid of the potty seat.

The Fisher-Price Cheer For Me! Potty operates with three AA batteries (not included).

About Fisher-Price: A Household Name for Quality Baby Products

potty training girls chair
Simply open the lid and lift the
potty bowl free of the seat to be emptied.
Click here View larger Image.
Founded in 1930, Fisher-Price creates products that makes lives easier for parents and toys that foster a child's imagination. Instantly recognizable throughout the world as a leader in infant and preschool products,

Fisher-Price focuses on delivering stimulating products for both children and babies. With a trove full of classic, tried-and-true products in their arsenal, the company continues to design and create new developmental toys and baby products.

What's in the Box

Fisher-Price Cheer For Me! Potty and instruction manual.

potty training girls chair
The removable seat ring with lid can be moved from the potty to an adult-sized toilet when your child is ready. Click here to Large Image

This toilet training chair advantage over the other

There’s a fun clicking sound when you push down the handle. There’s even a toilet paper holder. With songs to learn and encouraging phrases and sounds to discover, the Cheer for Me! Potty really does make potty training fun! Because it looks similar to a real toilet, it encourages kids to make the transition to the grown up “potty”.

Songs and sound effects reward success and provide motivation for return trips. Realistic elements of potty encourage transition to grown-up toilet. Bowl removes for easy cleanup. Can be used on a regular toilet seat to help with transition. Requires 3 AA batteries. Buy This Fisher-Price Cheer for Me Potty

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