Potty Training Girls 6 Tips

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

potty training girls tips in 3 days
When it is time for you to potty training girls, there are no hard and fast, rights or wrongs in the way that you do it. Whatever you do, the end result will always be the same. You want to get your little girl out of nappies and into panties. You can use different approaches but your goal is to get your girl toilet trained. The thrill of success will give you all the encouragement that you need to move onto the next step in their developmental life.

The list of tips below will definitely help you in achieving your aim of missing the baby aisle out on your weekly shopping trip and going straight for the confectionery.

Potty Training Girls# Throw Those Nappies

Whatever anyone says, getting your daughter to give up nappies is going to be easy however, the best thing to do is to throw all the nappies etc in the bin as, getting your girl potty trained, is possibly going to be harder for you than it is for your daughter but, having said that, some training pants can come in handy at this time. As your girl messes up, the discomfort of having an accident herself, will be motivation enough to get her to use the potty. This is when you have to have a lot of patience even if they do mess up. Do not make it a big deal when your girl has an accident. Encourage her and patiently keep your mind focused on your goal of a nappy free life.

Potty Training Girls# Demonstrate

Children are great at copying and, are naturally very inquisitive. Your little girl will get the hang of using the potty or toilet as she watches you using it. Let her go into the toilet with you and, tell her exactly what you are doing. If there are older siblings, she will have more people to learn from, especially if they are girl. Your daughter will have a desire to be considered a big girl so, she will easily copy her big sister.

Potty Training Girls# Include Her As Well

It is important that your daughter is included in this exciting phase as much as possible. She should be asble to pick the cute pink potty or, some panties. She should be more cooperative and eager to use her new gadgets if she has picked them out herself with little or no temper tantrums or, resistance.

Potty Training Girls# Reward, Reward, Reward

You will be surprised at how powerful and simple rewards can be. Your daughter can enjoy a treat every time she goes on the potty in the correct manner. Just using simle things like pretty stickers to decorate her potty or, letting her enjoy her favorite cartoon show or, her favourite snack. Get the entire family involved in praising your daughter for doing a good job. This will only make her want to please you more and, re-enforces the idea of going to the toilet on the potty. Try not to be hard on her when she has an accident.

Potty Training Girls# Keep To A Routine

Children are used to their routine, just like when they were newborns, set a potty training timing routine for your daughter. This will assist to get used to using the potty or toilet. Put her on the potty or the toilet at the same time every day and, as soon as she wakes up, an amount of time after a meal or a drink, before she gets in the bath and so on. By now, you should have a good idea about the time that she usually empties her bowels so, you’ll have a good idea as to when she will need the potty for that.

Potty Training Girls# Keep On Track

Potty training season can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride, one day you may feel that you’ve really made progress and, the next day you think that nothing else could possibly go wrong. Keep on track and don’t forget that goal of a nappy free life. Do not give up or, relax the routine. Talk to other people who have had their kids through the same thing and, take some encouragement from their outcomes. Before you know it, you’ll have your own anecdotes to give to other parents who are potty training their girls. If you make use of the tips above, you can beat your fears and get started on the path of getting your little girl potty or toilet trained. Just take it all in your stride and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a nappy free life.

Potty Training Girls# A Proven Alternative

In addition to the tips listed above when you are potty training girls, is to purchase an educational guide called “Start Potty Training – Potty Training In 3 Days” by Lois Kleint.

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